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Youth are the hope and future of a nation. As future leaders, they need to be well educated to keep pace with the rapid technological changes taking place in the world while preserving the good values of society. Recognising the importance of education in leadership preparation, the eleventh Perdana Discourse Series was held on 30th June 2010, with the theme, The Role of Education in Leadership Development’. 

The keynote address was delivered by His Excellency Tan Sri Muhyiddin Hj Mohd Yassin, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education, who spoke on how to create knowledgeable and wise leaders of tomorrow through education. The keynote address is included in its entirety, as is the question and answer session that followed. 

“How does reform in education relate to the business of creating future leaders? We know that the ability to synthesize information in order to understand the bigger picture of the real world is essential to enable future leaders to address the increasingly complex global problems. We are living in a world that is highly inter-connected and inter-linked. An event in one part of the world can have tremendous impact on the rest of the world. Nowhere is this more apparent than in the economic and financial sector. As we have witnessed, the crisis in Greece is not just Greece’s problems. The crisis in the United States is not confined to the Americans. With the rising tide of globalisation, these problems are also our problem.”

Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia and Minister of Education

The discourse further continued in a panel session where eminent panellists Tun Arshad Ayub, Dato’ Freida Mohd Pilus, and Professor Dato’ Dr Ahmad Murad Noor Merican, presented their views on education and leadership and answered questions on learning from members of the audience. The edited transcripts of both the panel and Q&A sessions are contained within this book, making this volume a good reference to the views and opinions of Malaysian leaders in government and academia. 

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